Ekahau AI Pro – Channel Interference‚Äč

Auswahl Visualisierung der Channel Interference

Ekahau AI Pro – Channel Interference With the Ekahau Pro 11 version, Ekahau has renamed the product to Ekahau AI Pro and completely changed the UI. How good or bad this is, everyone should judge for themselves and is not part of this blog. This blog is about the “Channel Interference” visualization. Since we are […]

Wall measurement – Wi-Fi attenuation

WLAN Wandmessung - Android App

Simulation & Wall Introduction Wi-Fi simulations basically offer many advantages over APoS measurements. A simulation offers a higher flexibility, changes are possible and the effort on site is lower. Especially for small objects Wi-Fi simulations are a great solution to save costs. Which customer wants to fly an engineer from Germany for a 3 hour […]